Chicago VeganMania - returning to the Broadway Armory, October 10, 2015

Spend an Exciting Day with Chicago's Vegan Community 
Jane Velez-Mitchell
David Carter
Jasmin Singer
Investigative journalist and author
Jane Velez-Mitchell


NFL Defensive End
and Motivational Speaker

David Carter

The 300 Pound Vegan

YouTube sensation
The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Brian Manowitz
Giant Food Court Gene Baur
Jasmin Singer
Giant Food Court
featuring a wide variety of vegan foods from 18 popular restaurants and purveyors
Farm Sanctuary cofounder
Gene Baur
also author and Ironman triathlete
Co-host of Our Hen House podcast
Jasmin Singer
and author of Always Too Much & Never Enough

Dozens of Compassionate Businesses James Loomis, MD
Ellen Jaffe Jones
Massive Exhibit Hall
with dozens of wonderful businesses and nonprofits (and lots of free food samples)
Medical Director Barnard Medical Center
James Loomis, MD
Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

Author of Vegan Fitness for Mortals
Ellen Jaffe Jones
The Veg Coach
The Vegan Mos Annette Conlon Hope Bohanec
Internet chefs
The Vegan Mos
Dr. Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman
Recording artist
Annette Conlon
Live on the Culture Café Music Stage

from United Poultry Concerns
Hope Bohanec
Author of The Ultimate Betrayal

Chef Kevin Schuder
John Pierre Michelle Schwegmann
Vegan Iron Chef Winner
Kevin Schuder

Fancy Plants Catering
Fitness trainer & author
John Pierre
auther of The Pillars of Health
Herbivore cofounder and author of
Eat Like You Give a Damn
Michelle Schwegmann

Chef Rain Truth
Robinlee Garber Caitlin Boyer
The Cultured Vegan
Chef Rain Truth

Recording artist
Robinlee Garber
Live on the Culture Café Music Stage

Plant-Based Personal Chef
Caitlin Boyer

Photo Wall
Kids' Zone
Free Goody Bags
Paparazzi and red carpet
Photo Wall
for awesome selfies and keepsakes

Lots of family-friendly activities at the
The Kids' Zone

Free Goody Bags
to the first 100 attendees

Greenest Festival

America's Greenest Vegan Festival
We compost, recycle or reuse more than 95% of our trash

Sponsored by
Our Sponsors

Exhibitors: download our Exhibitor Information packet and our Exhibitor Application Form.

A greeting to the attendees of Chicago VeganMania from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel
We have videos!
We recorded several of the presentations from Chicago VeganMania 2015, and while it's taking some time to edit them all, we have a couple of them ready now... Here is the presentation from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau...

And here is the presentation from Robert Grillo...

We'll be posting more videos as they become available.

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Saturday, October 10, Broadway Armory

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