Chicago VeganMania 2012 Chef Demos

Chef Demo Schedule

Jacqueline Fisch
Barefoot Essence blog
Simple, whole foods, plant-based cooking for busy families
12:00pm Jennifer Cornbleet
author of Raw Food Made Easy
Raw food made easy
 1:00pm Jo Kaucher and Kat Barry
The Chicago Diner
Secrets of The Chicago Diner
2:00pm Sandi Swiss
SS Sweets and Munch Restaurant
Gluten-free goodies

3:00pm Julie Marie
Protective Diet
Healthy vegan cooking withoiut oil, sugar or nuts
4:00pm Kendall Huff
Native Foods Café
Secrets of Native Foods Café

Here's a chance to meet and learn from some of the top chefs in the vegan world.

Chicago VeganMania began hosting Chef Demos in 2010, and they have quickly
become one of the favorite events in the festival. We are still finalizing our roster for this year (we'll be announcing it as soon as we can!), but we can promise it will be as exciting as always.

Some of the chefs who have demoed at past Chicago VeganMania events include the Vegan Black Metal Chef, authors Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Miyoko Schinner, and Fran Costigan, Native Foods' Kendall Huff (pictured above), Ste. Martaen's Laviyah Ayanna, and many others.

As always, everyone who attends a chef demo gets to sample the tasty creation they were just taught.

About the Chefs
Jacqueline Fisch
Jacqueline Fisch wants to live in a world where green juice flows from taps, going barefoot is totally cool, and homes downsize instead of up-size. A sought after plant-based cook + urban-minimalist, her unfussy food and minimalist musings have been featured on Kris Carr, Happy Herbivore, and The Local Beet Chicago.

Learn how to connect with your food and unfuss everything about your food + home at Barefoot Essence.
Jenny Cornbleet
Jennifer Cornbleet is a native of Chicago and has a passion for teaching. While attending the University of Chicago she was introduced to raw foods. During a summer vacation from teaching she attended a raw chef training program at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She was inspired and changed careers to become a nationally known raw food chef, trainer and author.

She is the author of Raw Food Made Easy Revised and Raw for Dessert along with 3 training DVDs.

Jo Kaucher
Jo Kaucher, a Chicago native and self-taught chef, learned tricks of the trade as an experienced cook & baker in restaurant/hotel kitchens. She became vegetarian in 1971 and hasn’t looked back. In 1983, she co-founded the meat-free Chicago Diner, intuitively pioneering the combination of vegetarian cuisine with comfort food flair.
Kat Barry Kat Barry, a Michigan native, has been an off-and-on vegetarian since age 13. Becoming vegan seven years ago impacted her health so profoundly, she quit her real estate career to become a vegan caterer. Her passion for vegetables, personal journey, and media savvy help her to motivate and inspire others.

Sandi Swiss

Sandi Swiss, a self-taught baking Chicago-area native, has always had a passion for eating and making food. When she saw videos of factory farming in 2009, she went vegan overnight and has not looked back. Shortly after going vegan she co-founded a vegan confectionery catering company and became very active in animal rights activism. Sandi specializes in vegan and gluten-free baking and treats with her custom catering, special events and demonstration business, SS Sweets. She is also the pastry chef at Munch, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Oak Park, and you can find many of her original recipes on the dessert menu.
Julie Marie Julie Marie is a Food Coach and Cooking Instructor certified in Plant Based Nutrition. She is the creator of Protective Diet:  an oil free, sugar free, nut free vegan plan to eliminate obesity, reverse and prevent disease. Her students are inspired with one on one coaching, 30 day whole food detox group workshops, phone coaching, cooking classes, support groups and live presentations. She makes it fun, easy and affordable to adopt this proven clean eating plan to eliminate disease, stop food cravings and reach you ideal body weight without struggle or exercise.  Her plan never restricts meal portions and always provides meal satisfaction with classic recipes.  A Protective Diet offers excellent disease prevention and anti aging benefits.  Results are typical and health goals are achieved with personal guidance and support. Julie put an end to her personal struggle with obesity and heart disease.  She is paying it forward with her knowledge, cooking skills and experience.  She has educated many how to make this lifestyle easy, rewarding and sustainable. For free recipes, cooking videos, coaching, detox workshops, private or group cooking classes and event presentation information visit

Kendall Huff Kendall Huff Chef Kendall Huff grew up in the Midwest where she was able to work on farms, play with animals, roll in hay, and appreciate nature and what it has to offer. Her obsession with food began at an early age, and she loved to eat… a lot! While growing up on the farm, there were two calves named Sally and Butterscotch, whom Chef Kendall loved dearly. One day, after realizing that Sally didn’t really go on “vacation,” Chef Kendall embraced a vegetarian diet. She was 7 years old.

Chef Kendall attended culinary school at the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago and has a five-star background with The Peninsula Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, The Nines Hotel in Portland, The Blackstone Hotel and The Four Seasons.

After spending 2 weeks at the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Becket, MA, she realized that spreading the knowledge of a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle was her true passion, and she became an Executive Chef at Native Foods Café.

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Chicago VeganMania, September 29, Broadway Armory

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