2012 CultureCafé Entertainment

The Culture Café made its first appearance in 2010, and has been the favorite diversion for people wanting to take a break from all the bustle of the Food Court , Exhibit Hall, presentations and workshops.  It's a great place to grab some coffee  (and check out our diverse vegan milk and sweetener bar), perhaps some baked goodies, and listen to some great live music.

This year, the Culture Café is getting a bit of a makeover as a place to indulge yourself – not only by treating yourself to some wonderful music by top musicians from around the Midwest, and by enjoying coffee and other beverages as well as vegan treats, from Delicious Café and Morning Sky but also by getting a chair massage, or a reiki treatment.

The Culture Café Performance Stage
This year, we have top vegan musicians traveling in from around the Midwest, each one with a unique style, wonderful musicianship and deep poignant lyrics. We're still finalizing the schedule, but here is a sampling of some of the great music you can expect.

to 11:30
Donna Herula  Tony Nardiello
Donna Herula and Tony Nardiello
Dynamic acoustic guitar driven blues duo
to 12:30
Daniel Redwood Daniel Redwood
Powerful vegan music with a message
from Kansas City, Missouri

to 1:30
Zach Zach
Energetic one-man feel good orchestra
from Columbus, Ohio
to 2:30
Shelley Miller Shelley Miller
Darkly soulful tunes about life outside the lines
from the Old Town School of Folk Music
to 3:30
Robinlee Garber Robinlee Garber
Thoughtful folk with a touch of torch

Robinlee is also the curator of the Performance Stage, and has assembed this fine cast of musicians.
to 4:45
Bryan Harrell Bryan Harrell
Soulful acoustic music that connects Chicago with the Deep South

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Chicago VeganMania, September 29, Broadway Armory

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