2016 Speakers and Forums
David Carter
Jane Velez-Mitchell Gene Baur
NFL Defensive End
and Motivational Speaker

David Carter

The 300 Pound Vegan

Investigative journalist and author
Jane Velez-Mitchell

from JaneUnchained.com
Farm Sanctuary cofounder
Gene Baur
also author and Ironman triathlete
Jasmin Singer James Loomis, MD
Ellen Jaffe Jones
Co-host of Our Hen House podcast
Jasmin Singer
and author of Too Much & Never Enough
Medical Director Barnard Medical Center
James Loomis, MD
Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

Author of Vegan Fitness for Mortals
Ellen Jaffe Jones
The Veg Coach

Hope Bohanec

from United Poultry Concerns
Hope Bohanec
Author of The Ultimate Betrayal

The Main Presentation Stage
This year, we have an exciting lineup of presenters
representing some of the most important areas of vegan thought and healthy and compassionate living. The Presentation Stage is upstairs in a big comfortable space away from the din of the Exhibit Hall and Food Court.

Gene Baur
Co‑founder and president of Farm Sanctuary and author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life
12:00 Jane Velez-Mitchell
Director/star of Jane Unchained, and former anchor of Headline News Network

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for Animals... (other than not eating or wearing them)
1:00 Hope Bohanec
Projects Manager for United Poultry Concerns and author of The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?

The Humane Hoax
2:00 David Carter
The 300 Pound Vegan, NFL Defensive End and motivational speaker

The Masculine Side of Veganism
3:00 James Loomis, MD
Medical Director of the Barnard Medical Center

The Health Benefits of a Whole-food Plant-based Diet
4:00 Jasmin Singer
Co-Host of Our Hen House and author of Always Too Much and Never Enough

Always Too Much and Never Enough
5:00 Ellen Jaffe-Jones
Athlete, coach and author of Vegan Fitness for Mortals

Vegan Fitness for Mortals

The Forum Discussion Stage

Each year, we assemble expert panels on topic relating to health, fitness, agriculture, animal rights, building community and other topics. Once again, we have an amazing team of experts discussing topics that are close to the heart of most vegans

New Media for Social Change
How you can use social media, blogging, podcasting and other new media to help animals and spread the message of healthy compassionate living

Michael Suchman - The Vegan Mos
Jasmin Singer - Our Hen House and VegNews magazine
The Vegan Black Metal Chef (Brian Manowitz)
Robert Grillo
- Free From Harm
Marla Rose (moderator) - Vegan Street and Chicago VeganMania
12:00 Ask a Vegan Doctor
The Latest in Plant-Based Nutrition

James Loomis, MD- Barnard Medical Center
Dan Novella, MD- Rush-Copley Medical Group
John Pierre - (moderator) Fitness Coach and Author

1:00 Plant-Powered Fitness
How the athletic body and spirit thrive on a vegan diett

David Carter - The 300-Lb Vegan
Gene Baur - (Farm Sanctuary) Ironman Triathlete
John Pierre - Fitness Coach and Author
Sean Tikkun - Roller Derbyist
Ellen Jaffe Jones (moderator) - The Veg Coach: sprinter and distance runner
2:00 Introduction to Intersectionality
How to be a consistent ally for social change

Ethan Ciment - The Vegan Mos
Clarké Snell - The Humane League
Zarakyah Ahmadiel - The Peace Diet Program
Jess Zaehringer
- Loyola University
Robert Grillo (moderator) - Free From Harm

3:00 Vegan-Powered Businesses
Meet the entrepreneurs

Jimmy Prude - Jimmy's Vegan Cookies
Dan Staackmann
- Upton's Naturals and Upton's Breakroom
Nicole Sopko - Upton's Naturals and The Plant-Based Foods Association
Alicia Kettner - Amour de la Terre
Jason Venchus - Momentum Fitness & Health
John Beske (moderator) Vegan Street and Chicago VeganMania

4:00 Activism 101
How to be a better advocate for the animals

Jane Velez Mitchell - Jane Unchained
Jodie Wiederkehr
- The Center for Ethical Science
Clarké Snell
- The Humane League
Rachel Shippee
- Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Araceli Rodriguez - Direct Action Everywhere
Robert Grillo (moderator) - Free From Harm

We'll be sharing everyone's bios soon.

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