2013 Speakers, Discussions & Experts
Once again this year, Chicago VeganMania boasts two presenter stages – the Presentation Stage where you can gain knowledge and inspiration from some of the vegan movement's top leaders and thinkers, and the more in-depth and participatory Discussion Stage, where groups of well-known vegans and everyday heroes join forces to discuss ideas and lifestyle tips in a more casual environment.

The Presentation Stage
This year, we have an exciting lineup of presenters
representing some of the most important areas of vegan thought and healthy and compassionate living. The Presentation Stage is upstairs in a big comfortable space away from the din of the Exhibit Hall and Food Court

Mikael Nielsen - Mercy For Animals
Eating with Kindness: Putting Our Ethics on the Table
12:00pm Julieanna Hever - Plant-Based Dietician
Let the Myths Stop Here: Popular Nutrition Myths Debunked
1:00pm Jenny Brown - Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Winning Compassion for Farmed Animals
2:00pm Dr. Richard Oppenlander - author Food Choice and Sustainability: Why buying local, eating less meat, and taking baby steps won't work
3:00pm Ellen Jaffe Jones - author A Kitchen Divided: Vegan Dishes for Semi-Vegan Households

The Discussion Stage
The forums and workshops are being held in a more intimate setting that allows to to get up close to the speakers. These are a bit more casually structured and are designed to encourage the free flow of ideas as well as increased opportunities for audience participation

Fitness and Nutrition Workshop for Athletes
Ellen Jaffe Jones
12:00pm Communicating the Vegan Message Erin Red
Kristin Lajeunesse
Marla Rose
- moderator
 1:00pm Vegan Nutrition Julieanna Hever
Eric Sharer
Carolyn Tampe
Jessica Schiappa - moderator
2:00pm Crafting a Personal Style with Ethics: Dressing, Shopping, and Grooming Without Compromising Your Convictions
Jack Nugent
Trisha Star
Ashlee Piper
3:00pm What's Wrong with Local/Organic/Humane Animal Products?: Why Veganism is the Compassionate Choice
Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Jenny Brown
Robert Grillo
- moderator

Ask a Vegan Expert
One of the most popular attractions at Chicago VeganMania last year, our Ask a Vegan Expert allows you the chance to go one-on-one with an expert on several different important vegan topics. If you're looking to get knowledge, get inspiration, get motivation, get over to the Ask a Vegan Expert table.

Ask the Vegan Gardening Experts
Everything you need to know about organic, vegan gardening

Ask the Vegan Animal Rights Experts
Everything you need to know about the rights of animals, your rights as an animal activist, & how to get involved in animal/vegan activism
Julia Moran Martz and Chris Pado - Vegan Gardening Experts

Anna Elizabeth Ricordati-Morrison -
Vegan Animal Rights Attorney
Erin Red - Podcaster & "Professional Vegan"

12:00pm Ask the Vegan Parenting Experts
Everything you need to know about vegan parenting from pregnancy to teenage years, pregnancy & pediatric nutrition, how-to's on handling public situations (food at parties, school, "well meaning" friends & relatives), lactation consulting, dealing with doctors, what to feed your little one, resources, "green" parenting solutions, cloth diapering 101, etc.
Kristin Konrady - Vegan Mom & Cloth Diapering Guru
Robin Fetter - Vegan Mom & Lifestyle Blogger
Cynthia Plovich-Pfeffer Registered Dietician w/Degree in Plant-Based Nutrition & Vegan Mom
Natalie Patterson Santiago
- Vegan Pediatrition

 1:00pm Ask the Vegan Cooking Experts
Everything you need to know about vegan cooking & vegan gluten-free cooking, finding vegan substitutions for common animal-based recipe ingredients, learning great vegan recipes, resources, etc
Natalie Slater - Vegan Cookbook Author & Blogger
Julie Marie - Oil-free/Sugar-free Chef, Food Coach and Cooking Instructor
Kelly Peloza - Vegan Cookbook Author & Blogger
Lissa Levy - Vegan Personal Chef & Gluten-Free Baker
2:00pm Ask the Vegan Baking Experts
Everything you need to know about vegan baking & vegan gluten-free baking, including vegan substitutions for common animal-based ingredients, great recipes & resources, how-to's of gluten-free baking, etc
Kelly Peloza - Baking Expert, Food Blogger, & Author
Natalie Slater -
Baking Expert, Food Blogger, & Author
Lissa Levy - Vegan Personal Chef Specializing in Gluten-Free Recipes
Julie Marie - Oil-free/Sugar-free Chef, Food Coach and Cooking Instructor
Corinne LiLorenzo - Chef, Baker, & Lifestyle Coach

3:00pm Ask the Vegan Fitness and Nutrition Experts
Everything you need to know about vegan fitness & nutrition, how-to's on exercising & meal planning, great resources for proteins & supplements, etc.
Rea Frey Holguin - Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Author
Carolyn Tampe -Registered Dietician w/Degree in Plant-Based Nutrition
Brian Duda - Vegan Bodybuilder
Mike Vlasaty - Vegan Fruitarian Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

4:00pm Ask the Vegan Lifestyle Experts
Everything you need to know about becoming vegan or becoming an even better vegan-  from nutrition, fashion, beauty & personal care products, vegan household & cleaning products, how-to's on grocery shopping, mastering vegan cooking, green solutions to common products, how to start your own vegan business or promote yourself, etc
Ashlee Piper - Holistic Vegan Health & Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Blogger
Kristin LajeunesseDigital Entrepreneur/Veg Marketing Consultant/Traveler Writer
Cynthia Plovich-Pfeffer - Instructional Aesthetician & Plant-based Registered Dietician
Jennifer Gloodt -  Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Blogger, & Vegan Cooking Instructor

About the Presenters
Jenny Brown (and friend)
Jenny Brown is a longtime animal rights activist and Co-Founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY – one the country’s most recognized and respected sanctuaries for farmed animals. She previously worked in film and television until when she went undercover in Texas to film farmed animal abuse. That experience led her to dedicate her life to helping farm animals and raise awareness of their plight. Jenny’s story and the work of her sanctuary has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, New York magazine, NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show and more. Her new book The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight For Farm Animals was awarded Book of the Year in the 2012 VegNews Awards. You can read more about her and the sanctuary WoodstockSanctuary.org

Julieanna Hever
Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT is a Registered Dietitian who has been in private practice in Los Angeles since 2005, specializing in weight management, disease prevention and management, and sports nutrition. Julieanna is the host of the new talk show series What Would Julieanna Do? on Veria Living Network, author of the best-selling book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition, and the nutrition columnist for VegNews Magazine. She is the co-author of the cookbook, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking, and a recipe contributor to both New York Times Best-Selling Forks Over Knives books. She was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Steve Harvey Show, The Marie Osmond Show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Reluctantly Healthy, and E! News, co-stars on The Chef and The Dietitian, on numerous radio shows, and lectures extensively throughout the United States. To learn more, visit Julieanna at her website: PlantBasedDietitian.com.

Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Dr. Richard Oppenlander is a sustainability consultant and advocate, researcher, and author whose award winning book Comfortably Unaware has been endorsed as a must-read by Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Goodall, Dr. Neal Barnard, among others. Dr. Oppenlander is a much sought after lecturer on the topic of food choice and how it relates to sustainability, all within the framework of fresh perspectives and critical insights.  He also serves as an advisor to a number of world hunger projects overseas and with municipalities in the U.S. He has spent 40 years studying the effects food choices have on our planet and on us. He started an organic, vegan food production company, operates an animal rescue sanctuary, and is the founder and president of a non-profit organization called Inspire Awareness Now, which provides education to institutions about truly sustainable food policies.

Ellen Jaffe Jones
Ellen Jaffe Jones is THE VEG COACH,  an inspiring motivational speaker, personal trainer, running coach, author, and instructor of healthy cooking classes designed by respected doctors and registered dieticians. Ellen wrote the best-selling book, Eat Vegan on $4 a Day and more recently, Kitchen Divided, for vegans who find themselves sharing a kitchen with an omnivore. Ellen was a popular, award-winning TV investigative reporter and anchor for 18 years in Miami and St. Louis. She is also is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and is also a Certified Coach with The Road Runners Club of America, as well as the volunteer assistant coach for the Manatee High School Girls' Cross Country & Track Team. Her gifted public speaking ability, humor, easy tips, motivational ideas make her an inspirational keynote speaker. For more information on Ellen, visit VegCoach.com.

Mikael Nielsen Mikael Nielsen serves as eastern outreach coordinator for Mercy For Animals, recruiting and training activists throughout the eastern United States, assisting with the development of MFA’s effective advocacy resources, and serving as MFA’s spokesperson in the greater Chicago area. Mikael holds a bachelor's degree in economics and mathematics and worked for thirteen years in the international for-profit sector, focusing the last two on wind farm development all over the United States and Canada. Born in Denmark, Mikael moved to the United States when he was ten years old. While always a lover of animals, it was watching a friendly turkey on TV that was to be killed for Thanksgiving in 1996 that brought animal protection ideals to the forefront for Mikael and motivated him to go vegetarian and then vegan a few years later. Here's more about Mercy For Animals.

Rea Frey Holguin

Rea Frey Holguin is an author, nutrition specialist, and International Sports Sciences Association certified trainer. She has done extensive research on plant-based diets and overall nutrition and has been a practicing plant-eater for the last 15 years. She is the author of Power Vegan: Plant-Fueled Nutrition for Maximum Health and Fitness  (Agate Surrey - May 2013) and The Cheat Sheet: A Clue-by-Clue Guide to Finding Out If He's Unfaithful (Adams Media, June 2011) and has been featured in Fitness, Ladies' Home Journal, and Whole Living. She also blogs about her workout routines, recipes, and life as a vegan mom at www.reafrey.com.
Unfortunately, Rea has suffered an ankle injury and is unable to attend Chicago VeganMania. We apologize to her fans for her absence.

Marla Rose Marla Rose (moderator) is a partner of Vegan Street, a website dedicated to challenging the assumptions and language around meat eating, and also the cofounder and Program Director of Chicago VeganMania. Marla became the Director of EarthSave Chicago in 1999, which hosted a series of annual events called The Conference for Conscious Living, which eventually evolved into Chicago VeganMania. She has authored the novel, The Adventures of Vivian Sharpe, Vegan Superhero and also a book of essays entitled, When Vegans (Almost) Rule the World and Other Hopeful Projections from the Vegan Feminist Agitator. Marla is also an award-nominated journalist and a regular feature writer for VegNews magazine, and she regularly blogs about her experience as a vegan mother and feminist at VeganFeminist Agitator.com

Erin Red

Erin Red Erin Red is the enthusiastic Host of Red Radio: Vegan Banter with a Bite, a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator and Vegan Nutrition Specialist, Co-Founder of The Seed: A Vegan Experience, and Career Animal Activist. She likes to refer to herself as a "Professional Vegan", and can be found at ErinRed.com, or on Twitter and Facebook as ErinRed.
Kristin Lajeunesse Kristin Lajeunesse On February 14, 2011 Kristin launched the first and only vegan wedding resource website, Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings. While she was finding her entrepreneurial legs she honed her communications skills while working for the World Society For The Protection of Animals, and her social media consulting skills with Vegan Mainstream. Before long Kristin’s entrepreneurial and traveling spirit grew stronger, she left traditional comforts behind and in September 2011 hit the road on an epic, life-changing road trip across the country. Will Travel For Vegan Food was born and has since blossomed into a growing business venture. Kristin is currently working on a book about her road trip, and continues to stretch her entrepreneurial stride as she helps others grow their businesses through social media and online marketing guidance.
Eric Sharer Eric Sharer, MPH, RD, CSO is a Registered Dietitian (RD), culinary nutritionist, and Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition. Eric currently works full time as the Registered Dietitian for The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine, in Delmar, NY. He also consults as a clinical nutrition specialist at The Block Medical Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment. In addition to working at The Block Center, Eric further promotes the benefits of a plant based diet by being a Nutrition Advisor for The Vegetarian Resource Group, owns his own private nutrition consulting practice called Sharing Nutrition, for which he conducts cooking classes and nutrition education with individuals and groups. Eric also has worked in the past as the Community Nutrition Educator for The Albany Damien Center, a non-profit that works with low income HIV patients, and was a Food For Life Instructor for PCRM’s The Cancer Project.
Carolyn Tampe Carolyn Tampe, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was an interest in veganism that inspired Carolyn to become a Registered Dietitian. Currently, she consults through her own business, Aeon Nutrition and has helped many people transition to a healthy vegan lifestyle. Carolyn is the official Registered Dietitian for the Vegan Chicago Meetup group, which has over 2,500 members. She is also the State Coordinator Chair for the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In this role, she coordinates the activities of vegetarian and vegan dietitians across the country.
Jessica Schiappa
Jessica Schiappa s a nutritionist and a long time vegan.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and is currently completing a Master’s Program in Nutrition.  She is also a nutrition researcher.  She enjoys organic gardening, canning food, and volunteering in her community.  She has been a part of the Chicago VeganMania Team since 2011.

Robert Grillo Robert Grillo is the director of Free from Harm, a non profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to transform society’s worldview about violence and oppression by leveraging the most powerful advocacy tool we have: our forks. FFH’s primary focus is online publishing and advocacy as well as chicken rescue and education. Robert is also a marketing and creative consultant for clients in higher education and non profits. He enjoys the outdoors, biking, gardening and vegan cooking.
Jack Nugent
Jack Nugent is the owner of Ethically Engineered, which makes vegan bodycare products from organic and sustainable sources. He's working to make his life less plastic and insert his ideals into everything he makes from using a solar powered generator to run the mixers and warmers to making packaging from re-pulped junk mail and plantable basil, parsley or mint seeds.

He's working to package everything in paper made from recycled junk mail and seeds so that everyone can grow their own fresh seasoning.
Trisha Star
Trisha Star is an award winning stylist with 15 years experience in the world of special event styling, hair, makeup, fashion and is the owner of Starship Salon, a cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty salon in Chicago, IL. She is a KEVIN.MURPHY Gold Key Educator and considers herself a life long student to her craft. Trisha also enjoys writing about awesome beauty tricks of the trade and product reviews on her beauty blog, which can be found at starshipsalon.com. Over the past decade she has held the position as Creative Director for top production companies across the country. She continues to work backstage at red carpet events while heading up teams of 50 some plus models. Her work has appeared on MTV, the cover of i4design Magazine and has made its way to nationally acclaimed special events, for clients such as the Super Bowl, Rolling Stone and MLB.

Ashlee Piper Ashlee Piper, MSW, MSc, HHC, AADP is a former governmental strategist turned plant-based health and lifestyle expert. She is the owner of All Is Wellness, a boutique holistic health consultancy that assists busy individuals, families, restaurants, and workplaces in giving their food, routines, and lives a gorgeously green makeover. An award-winning, self-taught vegan cook, Piper also runs a popular food and style blog, The Little Foxes, and her recipes and writing have been featured in Reader’s Digest, Finding Vegan, Earth Balance’s Made Just Right, Ecorazzi, TOMS Shoes, Girlie Girl Army, EMMA Magazine, and Our Hen House. She also writes guides on plant-based topics for Vegucated, manages the Vegucated Schoolhouse Community, a free resource where she shepherds over 1,700 in their transition to a plant-based diet, and is the “Vegan for Life” columnist for Cheeky Chicago.
Julie Marie

Julie Marie is a Food Coach and Cooking Instructor certified in Plant Based Nutrition. She is the creator of Protective Diet:  an oil free, sugar free, nut free vegan plan to eliminate obesity, reverse and prevent disease. Her students are inspired with one on one coaching, 30 day whole food detox group workshops, phone coaching, cooking classes, support groups and live presentations. She makes it fun, easy and affordable to adopt this proven clean eating plan to eliminate disease, stop food cravings and reach you ideal body weight without struggle or exercise.  Her plan never restricts meal portions and always provides meal satisfaction with classic recipes.  A Protective Diet offers excellent disease prevention and anti aging benefits.  Results are typical and health goals are achieved with personal guidance and support. Julie put an end to her personal struggle with obesity and heart disease.  She is paying it forward with her knowledge, cooking skills and experience.  She has educated many how to make this lifestyle easy, rewarding and sustainable. For free recipes, cooking videos, coaching, detox workshops, private or group cooking classes and event presentation information visit ProtectiveDiet.com
Natalie Santiago Patterson, MD

Natalie Patterson Santiago MD, FAAP is a Board Certified Pediatrician.  She grew up in Roseland, which is on the south side of Chicago.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Chicago State University.  She earned her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 2004 from Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, NE and completed her pediatrics residency in 2007 at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda, California.  She currently practices pediatrics at Christian Community Health Center on Chicago’s south side where she works to make the world a better, healthier, fruit-and-veggie-loving place.  Her special interests are asthma, sickle cell disease, ADHD and working with families on how to eat a nutritious veggie/fruit-rich diet despite living in a food desert.
Lissa Levy

Lissa Levy is a personal chef and consultant working in the Chicago area.  She specializes in helping those with special dietary needs maximize their health.  Offering a variety of services including classes, kitchen organization, dietary transition support, and education, she is particularly sensitive to the needs of vegans, those with Celiac disease/gluten intolerance, and cancer patients.  She received her culinary degree in 2006 from the Illinois Institute of Art graduating at the top of her class.  The mother of 2 young boys, she is also well aware of the importance of making things fast and yummy (and packable).
Brian Duda

Brian Duda has been working out most of his life and vegan for about 13 years.
In that time Brian has helped numerous people adopt a vegan lifestyle and incorporated a cruelty free diet into their fitness routines.
A lot of factors got Brian interested in bodybuilding, mainly his dad, who was a power-lifter. He saw so many people in the gym when he was young, everyone looking so strong and healthy. That's how he thought people should be, and that's how he wanted to be. The book and film Pumping Iron was another influence on him growing up. Seeing all those Icons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu and many many others got him interested in bodybuilding.
Corinne DiLorenzo
Corinne DiLorenzo is a 22 year vegan. She has worked as a Chef and Vegan Lifestyle Coach for many of those years, running her own catering company, and working as a professional cake decorator. Currently, she is catering privately and simultaneously working in animal rescue, running EARTH Animal Sanctuary in Central Illinois, and working as the Vice President of The Sweet Bunny Project in the suburbs. As a vegan Mom, Corinne specializes in converting omni recipes to their even-more-delicious and family-friendly vegan equivalents.
Julia Moran Martz

Julia Moran Martz is one of very few vegan Master Gardeners with the University of Illinois Extension Service. Sometimes helpful, always snarky, Julia (a.k.a., SnarkyVegan) is never short on opinions about gardening, eating, design, and well, anything really. Born and bred in southern Indiana, Julia escaped to start MondoVox Creative Group, a Chicagoland design and advertising firm but stays close to her roots by gardening and cooking whenever there’s not a deadline. Looking for veganic gardening advice? Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Vive les tater tots!
Mike Vsalaty

Mike Vlasaty has earned a bachelor degree in nutrition at Western Illinois and an associate degree of science at College of Lake County. He has been a long term vegan and been raw fruit based dietary vegan since Jan 08. He is competitive powerlifter and competed in a strongman competition. Mike is also a pioneer and instructor at one of the world’s biggest fruit festival, The Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, in which he gave classes on weight lifting, hill sprints, and food demos classes. He also, authored a book called, The Ultimate Raw Vegan Salad Dressing and Sauce Book. His websites are:
Robin Fetter

Robin Fetter is better known on the internet as The Real Vegan Housewife.  She has considered herself a “lazy vegetarian” since age 13 and went vegan in August 2008 along with her husband Chuck. Robin's vision for The Real Vegan Housewife blog was to pull the curtain back on a typical vegan family…. her own!  Her goal is to inspire everyone - especially families and show them that going vegan is healthier, affordable and attainable! In June 2011, Robin decided to take on the Engine 2 Diet and shortly thereafter, it grabbed the attention of The New York Times Best Selling Author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip Esselstyn, who immediately started promoting her blog.  As the popularity of The Real Vegan Housewife grew, she was asked to contribute to various vegan publications and podcasts, promoting a vegan lifestyle (especially raising vegan children) on a family level. Currently, Robin lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Jennifer Gloodt

Jennifer Gloodt After witnessing the effects of animal-based foods on her family's health, Jennifer transitioned herself and her son to vegan living in 2002. She has been educating herself on healthy vegan living for over eleven years. Jennifer and her husband Jacob are now raising four healthy and compassionate vegan children. Jennifer is a plant-based lifestyle coach, and teaches vegan cooking & raw food classes. She also offers lessons via Skype.

You can reach Jennifer through her website: avocadomama.com
Natalie Slater

Natalie Slater is the creator and writer of popular food blog Bake and Destroy. Original recipes with a healthy dose of pop culture have made her blog a fan favorite since 2006. Her first cookbook, "Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans" was named one of VegNews Magazine co-founder Colleen Holland's "15 Most-Anticipated Vegan Cookbooks of 2013". She has written for Baking and Pastry International, and her recipes have appeared in Bust Magazine, Time Out Chicago and several online publications. Natalie lives in Chicago, IL with her husband Tony, and their son Teno.
Cynthia Plovich-Pfeffer

Cynthia Plovich-Pfeffer is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist.  She received her degree from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI after completing their coordinated nutrition program.  In 2010 she became certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University.  Currently she is doing private consultations while staying home with her one-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and two pups, Buddy and Pooka. Her passion is helping others learn about the benefits of a plant based diet through all stages of life: infancy, childhood, adulthood, pregnancy, etc.
Kelly Peloza

Kelly Peloza is a cookbook author, photographer, vegan baker, and blogger. She is the author of The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, and Cheers to Vegan Sweets, and blogs at Seitan Beats Your Meat. Kelly became vegan as a teenager to practice compassion toward animals.

Kelly currently lives in the Chicago area with Gnocchi the bunny and Drake the dog. In her spare time, she loves TV, crafts, yoga, reading, and travel.
Anna Morrison

Anna Elizabeth Morrison-Ricordati practices civil litigation, business law, and animal law in Chicago, Illinois. Handling all aspects of dispute resolution, Anna has represented individual and business clients in mediations, arbitrations, jury and bench trials, equitable remedies, and appeals. She is a past Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association's Animal Law Section Council (2010-2011), Chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Animal Law Committee (2012-2013), incoming Vice-Chair of the DuPage County Bar Association's Animal Law Section (2013-2014), is First Vice-President of the North Suburban Bar Association, and has served as a CLE speaker on emerging legal topics for many organizations, including The Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association. Anna has also guest lectured at The John Marshall Law School in animal law and civil practice courses, and was selected as an Illinois Super Lawyers Rising Star for the years 2012-2013.  Anna has been a vegetarian since the age of ten and a vegan for the past five years.

Chris Pado
Chris Pado Chris Pado has run a 100% vegan farm for the past six years. Reverence Gardens is dedicated to growing with reverence for all life. Chris grows in partnership with nature and marvels at how little work she actually needs to do when she lets nature work her wonders.
Kristin Konrady
Kristin Konrady is a full-time mother to Tilly, cloth-diapering goddess, DIY home remodeler, former vet tech and current orphaned kitten caregiver. She's so darn lovely! Come visit her during her hour and you will be enriched with lots of sassy humor, helpful advice and great vibes.

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